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Dear friends and family,

Many of you know that this past year has been a challenging one for our family. We faced a cancer diagnosis which touched our lives in a very big way but I'm thrilled to say that we're now cancer survivors. Through the years, we've also felt the deep loss of loved ones, parents we cherished, who were taken by this disease.

Through the fight, we experienced incredible support from our community, and it's that same sense of community that compels me to participate in the Tour de Cure. This event raises critical funds for cancer research and care at BC Cancer, the very place that provided such exceptional support to my wife.

Riding alongside other survivors, caregivers, and those who've lost loved ones to cancer will be a powerful experience. It's a chance to honor those we've lost, celebrate survivorship, and raise money for a future free from cancer.

Every dollar donated gets us closer to a cure. With your help, I can make a real difference. Please consider donating to my ride by clicking the link below. Any amount, big or small, is deeply appreciated.


Thank you for your support. Together, we can conquer cancer.

Talid Jalbout

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