Congratulations on your commitment to join the Tour de Cure! You have joined a movement to change the future and there’s a lot riding on us.

When you raise $2,500, you'll be eligible to ride in the in-person event and you'll also receive the official Tour de Cure event jersey.

To help with your fundraising, below are some proven tips to help you achieve your personal fundraising goal.


1. Personalize your fundraising page

Now that you’ve registered, people need somewhere to go to help support you and your cause. Upload a photo or two and share your reason for joining this year. This lets your community connect with who you are and why you’re committed to powering cancer research.

2. Start small

Kickstart your fundraising efforts straight away and secure your first donation; it doesn’t matter how small it is, it’s where the momentum starts. $2,500 seems like a big number, so the first step is to break it down into small bits. A quick and easy win is to make a self-donation first so you can watch that zero disappear.  

3. Activate your network

Cancer has impacted nearly everyone in a significant way, so don’t hesitate to ask your personal and professional network for support. Build a list of family, close friends or colleagues who are your greatest cheerleaders – the ones you know will throw their support behind you.  

You may consider sending a personalized email that lets them know why you’re taking part and why their support matters. Be sure to link them to your personalized fundraising page where they can easily donate.  

4. Go social

Social media is your superpower. Announce that you are taking part in the Tour de Cure on your social media channels, with a link to your personal fundraising page.  

Don’t have social media? Start an account and keep your supporters informed by sharing content around your training, fundraising progress and recruitment efforts. If you’re on a team, coordinate to get everyone involved.  

Remember to use the hashtags: #BeyondEpic #TourDeCureBC 

5. Tell your story twice

Stories move and inspire us. Create the “lift” version and the “lobby” version. The lift version is for when you only have 20 seconds with someone. The lobby version is when you have their attention for a few minutes. 

6. Highlight the impact

The Tour de Cure has raised over $124 million for the BC Cancer Foundation since it first began.  

The funds raised fuel world-leading research and innovation at BC Cancer, which has helped transform cancer care across the province.  

That money has helped fund advanced cancer research and care within British Columbia, including province-wide lung-cancer screenings and breakthroughs in precision radiation therapy research. Tour de Cure participants and supporters have helped achieved the extraordinary.

7. Inquire about donation matching

Many companies offer matching donation programs. Find out if your company or even your partner's employer offers an Employee Giving Program to double your donation.

8. Follow up

Send friendly reminders to your supporters by reaching out and sharing updates on your donation progress and training.  

9. Thank your donors

Don’t forget to show your gratitude to your supporters by thanking them in a personalized way. Whether it be an email or card, let them know how much their support means to you. Another way to show your thanks could be through your social media account, like Facebook or LinkedIn, or even on your own website.


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