AUGUST 26–27, 2023

Tour de Cure Map

Bring Your Passion

The Tour de Cure is more than a fundraiser, more than a challenge. It’s an expression of power, community, and a tribute to deeply personal cancer journeys.

Tour de Cure participants with creative uniforms

Be Creative

Riders create this movement and event together. Team uniforms and rituals are the canvas. Whether on the bike or volunteering, this is a place to bring your voice and your story. Everyone, regardless of skill level or background is welcome. It’s what makes the Tour unique and special each year.

Tour de Cure participants embracing

Embrace the Challenge

Raising $2,500 and riding 200km is challenging, but it’s nothing to the challenge of facing cancer. It’s why we keep moving forward, pedal harder and why we support you every step of the way. Participant guides, fundraising and training resources, and more are all provided to ensure that we all succeed.

Tour de Cure driving forward


Tour de Cure is a truly epic weekend of impact and connection. We share our cancer stories to honour loved ones and celebrate milestones. We create and take part in the rituals that remind us how we are all connected.

The Experience

Team celebration at Tour de Cure

Tour de Cure is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s bigger than a once-in-a-lifetime moment, bigger than a cycling event, bigger than a fundraiser. It’s an epic celebration of life, love and hope that keeps riders coming back year after year.

From an unforgettable starting line filled with music and emotion to energizing pit stops, from a connective camping experience to crossing that finish line in an all-hands celebration, this is your chance to be part of something that is truly beyond epic.

Event Information

Tour de Cure Course Information

Course Information

  • Day 1 (Saturday) – Participants will start in Cloverdale Fairgrounds and will ride to Chilliwack Heritage Park. Riders can choose between the 100KM or 160KM course. 
  • Day 2 (Sunday) – All riders will undertake the 100KM distance to the finish line in Hope.
Tour de Cure Support Information

Ride Support & Safety:

You’re not in this alone! Safety, support and your success are top priorities at Tour de Cure.

  • Pit stops
    • Are approximately every 25km along the each route
    • Are fully supported aid stations with washrooms, snacks, lunch and hydration
      • Examples of snacks: Fruit, chips, bagels, protein bars, etc.
  • Tech/Bike Support
    • Will be available throughout the weekend to support participants with minor repairs like tuning, tire and chain repairs, etc.
  • Medical Support
    • Available throughout the weekend. This includes basic first aid to help with minor medical issues like pain relief remedies and minor first aid treatments
  • General Safety Precautions
    • Safety is our #1 priority. We enlist the services of Traffic management and volunteer ‘moto-crew’ (motorcyclists) who monitor the routes and help provide directions and signals at busy intersections.
    • Caboose Team details - The “caboose” is a volunteer support vehicle that follows the last participants out from the start line to offer support if needed.
    • Sweep Drivers details - You take on the challenge to ride, but you don’t have to finish every KM. Our sweep drivers, driven by volunteers, patrol the routes alongside participants and are a phone call or hand signal away. They will transport participants to the next pit stop in the event of fatigue, technical breakdown, etc.
    • During training rides and while participating on event weekend, we recommend following these safety measures
Tour de Cure Meal Information


We have your meals taken care of for you across the whole weekend to keep you fueled for the ride.

On Day 1:

  • A grab-and-go breakfast will be provided at Cloverdale
  • Lunch will be provided at the “halfway’ pit stop on your selected course
  • A delicious dinner will be waiting for you when you arrive at camp

On Day 2:

  • Breakfast will be provided at camp at Chilliwack Heritage Park 
  • Lunch will be provided at the 50KM pit stop on the course
  • A celebration BBQ will be awaiting you at the finish line in Hope 
Tour de Cure Camping Information


The complete camping experience is an amazing way to sleep under the stars with over 1000 new friends. We will have all the amenities set up and ready for your arrival at camp. 

  • Tent set up details
    • A 2-person tent will be available for each participant and volunteer. Tents can be shared with someone if participants choose.
    • Participants are responsible for their own sleeping bag and pillow and welcome to bring their own tent. 
  • Entertainment
    • There will be a camp show on Saturday night and we have some other fun surprises planned for you too.
  • Shower facility details
    • Portable shower blocks will be available at camp.
  • Washroom facility details
    • Portable toilets will be available at the start, camp, and finish line.
Tour de Cure Baggage Information

Baggage and Shuttle Transportation

  • Personal belongings will be transported from the start line in Cloverdale to Chilliwack for the overnight stay and then transported again to the finish line in Hope on Day 2. It’s all included with your participation.
  • Shuttle transportation will take you back to the start line.
  • Free parking for the entire weekend will be available at Cloverdale Fairgrounds.
Bike Parking Information

Bike Parking and Transport

  • There will be secure bike parking at the start, at camp, and at the finish. You will be provided with a wrist band and bike plate prior to the event that will ensure you are the owner of the bike and permitted to remove it from the secured area.
  • Participants can have their bikes transported at no cost back to the start line in Cloverdale after they finish in Hope.