Recognition Program

Champions of the Cause

Tour de Cure participants take on the challenge to power life-saving cancer research, innovation and access. There are some whose passion for change goes even further. We recognize them as Champions of the Cause.

A Champion of the Cause is a person who:

  • Personally raises over $5,000
  • Captains a team of 20+ riders who all reach the $2,500 minimum 

Each Champion will also receive a limited edition bike tool and commemorative crest.

Celebrating Milestones

The Tour de Cure is a community. We connect, create, push ourselves, and push each other. We grieve and celebrate together. We ride together. We inspire people from across Canada and around the world to act.

We recognize our multi-year riders as they are part of a long-held history of impact. 

Multi-year riders receive a unique saddle plate to recognize their commitment.

Unless otherwise specified, rewards from the Champions of the Cause and Celebrating Milestones program are received during check-in on the Event Weekend.