Course Maps

Get ready for an incredible day of riding. No matter what distance you choose to ride, you will enjoy fully supported routes and you will finish in front of a cheering crowd.

Tour de Cure 50 Km Course Map

50 km

A flat and scenic counter clockwise route that takes you through Rosedale and around Chilliwack Proper.

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Tour de Cure 100 Km Course Map

100 km

Smooth country roads will take you through farmlands in the valley between the Coast and Cascade mountain ranges. A lunch stop option will be available at the half-way point at Heritage Park.

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Tour de Cure 160 Km Course Map

160 km

Rolling hills and steady climbs will challenge you as you make your way around the beautiful terrain of the Fraser Valley.  Lunch fare will be available at Pit Stop 4 (approximately 100 km).

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Please note: Courses are subject to change