Blood, Sweat, and Cures

Team Captain: Shai James
Team Captain: David Scott
Team Captain: Christian Steidl
Tour de Cure presented by Wheaton Precious Metals
$130,535.19 Raised


Team BLOOD, SWEAT & CURES is back for 2024, and the mission continues keep doing what we can to play our small part in kicking the crap out of lymphoma, and all other cancers for that matter.

Last year, when we set out on our 2023 Tour de Cure journey, we had a goal to raise $800,000 for the Centre for Lymphoid Cancer. Through the efforts of our team members and their supporters, not only did we meet this goal, but we surpassed it by raising over $850,000 and we were the number 1 team (for the second year in a row). As a result of that fundraising, we were able to assist the CLC in acquiring new spatial imaging technology, which will ultimately be used to detect and treat lymphoma. These results, and the outcomes that they produce, remind us why we raise money, and why we ride: because each dollar we raise helps in the fight against cancer.

This year, for 2024, we are going to aim to raise $1,000,000. Its a big amount, but we cant stop or be complacent, as unfortunately everyone knows, cancer does not stop or take off-years. We need to continue our work and keep the momentum going, progressing on what weve already done. Let's get back to it, doing what we can to arm patients, doctors and researchers with the tools they need to take on this terrible disease.

It will be hard and it will be long, but it does not compare to the challenge of facing cancer.

The money we raise for the BC Cancer Foundation will support leading clinicians, scientists, and researchers whose search for new discoveries and improved patient outcomes will have a real impact in our communities throughout the province, across Canada, and around the world.

This is your opportunity to do something challenging and rewarding. And you wont do it alone.

Cancer doesnt stop, neither will we.

Please join us or donate today!

The BC Cancer Foundation is the largest charitable funder of cancer research in the province, supporting leading-edge cancer research at BC Cancer whose mission is to:

Reduce the incidence of cancer
Reduce the mortality rate of people with cancer
Improve the quality of life of people living with cancer