Tour de Cure benefiting BC Cancer Foundation Profile Image

Tour de Cure benefiting BC Cancer Foundation

  • Hoda: Zwift - Beach Island Loop in Watopia 13.11km
  • Rodrigo: Zwift - Whole Lotta Lava in Watopia 15.92km
  • Tom: Zwift - Brisk Burn in Scotland 10.13km
  • Ton: Evening Ride 25.47km
  • Joanna: Zwift - Lunar Light in Watopia 7.23km
  • Tom: Zwift - Scotland 15.24km
  • Kevin: Evening Ride 19.87km
  • Roscoe: Evening Ride 4.5km
  • Jesse: Evening Ride 0km
  • Ralph: Evening Ride 27.84km



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