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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Rick Maddison
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  1. Harold Rempel
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  12. Pat Wolczuk


I know. I know. You've been hit up before. I get it.

Listen, chances are good when you had a fundraiser and hit me up, I probably donated to you. This is not a tit for tat thing. OK, maybe a bit.

But cancer is really hitting harder than most years. My buddy Dean. He' s fighting the good fight. My buddy's wife Monica is battling breast cancer. My beloved Mom passed because of this wretched disease.

Will this money help? Hmm. Good question. I am a bit more jaded in the past. But I have learned from a good friend (Who is a biochemist) that there is a reason why the treatments don't knock down cancer like they should by now. It's because there is so many different variations of this crap disease that hits various parts of our body in millions of different ways. So it's tough to pinpoint one base cancer cell and treat it. At least thats what she told me. Anyway, I am rambling but if I can help one mother, one uncle or one child (God forbit) from this sh*t disease then I should hop in the saddle and make it happen. Thanks in advance and sorry for asking....


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