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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Katie Paolucci
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Fundraiser Donors

  1. Pauline, Ann, Michelle G, Cheryl, Robyn, Teddy, Sabra, Courtney, Charlene, Tammy, Davor, Michelle K,
  2. Katie Paolucci
  3. Donna Townsley
  4. Ben Berland
  5. Greg Springall
  6. Pauline O'Neill
  7. Diane Randell


Why I ride...

In 2004, I lost my Auntie Frankie to cancer. She was the strongest woman, even while fighting the disease. She was without a doubt, the matriarc of our family.

I have so many memories of her. One of the last things is I remember her holding my infant son. She was so weak so i placed him lying on her lap with his feet on her belly. Her abdomen was full of incisions from failed procedures, and as babies do, he was kicking his little feet right into the incicions. I went to take him off of her lap as i could see her wincing in pain, but she said "No! this pain is worth it." She loved all of the babies so much. She died not very long after that. Her death left a huge hole in the family. It was never the same again.

Throughout the years, many other people in my life have had cancer. Most were fortunate to survive, but there were some who did not. Families should not have to lose the ones they love like this. We need to find a cure for this devastating disease.

Please consider supporting me by making a donation.

Funds raised through the Tour de Cure will support life-saving research and enhancements to care at BC Cancer, bringing hope to cancer patients in British Columbia and making an impact around the world.

Thank you so much for your support!


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