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This August I will be embarking on a 200km cycling challenge with Team Finn as I participate in the BC Cancer Foundation's Tour de Cure. Let me tell you why.

For years I've watched my long-time friend Dave (Red Le Grande) passionately participate in the Tour de Cure (then the Ride to Conquer Cancer) with his own unique brand of [harassment?] [puppy dog eyes?] "light suggestions" to donate to his ride each year. So, I was taken aback last fall when he casually threw out that this year would be his 15th year. Wow. Fifteen years. Good grief, I've been watching this guy do this for *fifteen years*??!!

Suddenly, simply chipping in didn't seem nearly enough- I wanted to join him, to support him. So when he casually said (out of left field, as is his way) "you're going to ride with me this year"- I didn't miss a beat in saying yes (just as casually). I registered that day.

Of course, it was also more than that. When Dave asked me, I was still reeling from the loss of a loved one dearest to me, Klaus Kaufmann, to cancer. Klaus was my mentor, my role model, another parent to me- the way he lived his long life served as an example to me for how I wanted to live mine- vibrantly, enthusiastically.

Over many conversations with Dave I learned all about Team Finn and this amazing little guy named Finn who handled adversity with cancer in his own brave way, sharing with us all the same lesson about living vibrantly. I learned about Finn.has.done to help.change the story for children battling cancer. See all those periods? It's because every word is a link to yet another impact Team Finn is having on cancer. It's no wonder why Dave has so passionately dedicated himself to this for so long- frankly, now I'm honored that he asked. Honored to join this amazing team on this ride.

I'll be honest- I'm nervous about what I've gotten myself into with 200km in 2 days. But- while the ride will be hard and it will be long, it does not compare to the challenge of facing cancer. Like what another loved one of mine, Darrell Warner, just endured.

I also have no idea how exactly I will go about raising $2500- but I want to support the great research being done to improve the outcomes for those battling cancer. I hope you, as my friends and love ones, will want to be a part of it to.

Please consider supporting me by making a gift today. Your donation will help me achieve my fundraising goal AND motivate me in this challenge!


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