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I'm RIding to Cure chelsea!

Held by Marnie Martin
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This year, the unthinkable happened upon my sweet 29 year old niece...


Chelsea is one of 2 daughters of my best friends Karen and Brent. We met in Williams Lake and our children were both born within a month of each other and our children grew up side by side...and as such, I became "Auntie Marnie".

Chelsea is a bright and spirited young woman...she is very active, loves to run, plays golf and is a lovely kind human. She met the love of her life about 3 years ago and they got engaged last summer. They set their date for May 6th, 2022 and in the early part of 2022, she was diagnosed with a rare BONE CANCER...the same type that Terry Fox had.

As a young woman, embarking on a journey to fight cancer, there were a lot of things at play...First, she had to go to Vancouver for treatments to harvest any eggs she had, before Chemotherapy killed them. She endured daily needles and injections ( which she hates) to give her and her fiance Jordan a chance to be able to bear children.

Next she started Chemotherapy treatments just 3 weeks before her wedding day. The Wednesday BEFORE her wedding, she was admitted to the hospital because her white blood cell count was SO LOW. She was unable to attend her own wedding rehearsal, and by the hair of her chinny chin chin...she was granted a couple hour pass to attend her own wedding and reception. She had to wear a wig and you bet that she rocked it...all the way down the aisle.


About an hour into the reception, she had to leave to go back to the hospital as she was so pale and tired...The nurses at the ward put honeymoon decorations on her door and they filled her room with balloons...They brought in a cot for Jordan and the newly wed couple spent their first night as a married couple together side by side in the hospital. And they smiled ...ALL the way through it...because they had each other.

THAT IS TRUE LOVE if I've ever seen it.

SO...this August, I will ride...For Chelsea...for BONE CANCER and for all of those who have yet to be touched by this disease. Because WE CAN make a difference!!!

PLEASE help me by donating whatever you can...$5.00...$10.00...$25.00...$100.00. Every little bit adds up to a LOT. And all of the money we raise will go specifically to curing BONE CANCER in CHELSEA'S name. Tax receipts are given for $25 and up.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I don't ask for favors often...but THIS ONE means the world to me. This young woman means the world to me. I want to be here holding her babies as she walks away safe and healthy from this disease. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. And if you know of anyone else who you think would like to donate, please feel free to share this page with them.

Deep love and gratitude,



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