Hi Everyone!

The ImmunoBikers are a team comprised of individuals from BC Cancers' Immunotherapy Program, ranging from students to staff to faculty members. The vision of the BC Cancer Immunotherapy Program is to create and clinically translate the next generation of cancer immunotherapies, with an emphasis on cost effective therapies for British Colombians.

Immunotherapy is a type of treatment which involves activating a patients own immune system to fight their cancer. Our group has a focus on CAR-T cells, in which a patients T cells are engineered to recognize and kill their cancerous cells.

The immunotherapy program has led the first Canadian Investigator-led CAR-T trial in Canada, to bring CD19 CAR-T cell therapy to patients with leukemia and lymphoma. Our groups hopes to be able to treat other cancers in the future, but more reserach is needed to develop these therapies.

In order to continue funding programs like ours, we humbly ask that you donate to our Tour de Cure team, where we will be biking 50km to 160km to help raise money for this important work!

To learn more about our program, head tohttps://www.bccrc.ca/programs/bc-cancer-immunotherapy-program


Offline team donation page for printing: Click here to download