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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Ariadne Holness de Hiller
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Hello Family and Friends!

I have news, I was diagnosed with cancer!

I joined the Wheelin Warriors of the North cycling team to participate at the Tour de Cure in their quest to raise funds for cancer research. I will be riding 50 km and I am committed to raise 15,000.00 for cancer research!

On March 20, 2021, I received the diagnosis no one is ever prepared to hear. I had Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer (EC). Shock, unbelieve and fear were the first three feelings in my heart. Cancer me! Yes you Ariadne! I just had this thought God, please have mercy of me!

And Just like That my preliminary diagnosis that started my cancer journey of a prolapsed uterus, (made by my amazing doctor of 28 years, Dr. Ann P. Neary) became something more serious as the tests and referral that she ordered right away pinpointed my real problem. I do believe Dr. Neary saved my life!

Then, a whirl wind took over my life, the life of my husband Bruce, my children, family, and friends.

Biopsy, blood tests, CT-Scans, MRIs, Surgery (at VGH), recovery. Thanks to God there was no cancer transfer and no lymph nodes involved, but due to the nature of my mutation (and thanks to the new research on EC molecular classification), systemic therapy and RT was recommended. On January 20, 2022, I concluded all my treatments, and my recent CT-Scan and blood work shows no signs of decease. I received an extraordinary and compassionate care at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver and in our Regional Centre here in Prince George.

Am I cured? I leave the answer to the only one that really knows, God Almighty!

The good news is that today I feel exceptionally good, normal, looking at life through new lenses, enjoying one day at a time and acknowledging, literately, for the first time, that life is short. I count my incredible number of blessings that God have provided me and value more than ever the love and care I give and receive.

As many of you know, there are two things I am passionate about: volunteering, and the other is research. During my treatment I joined two groups that resonate to me through the BC Cancer Agency, the Patient and Family Engagement and Gynaecological Cancer Initiatives, (as I want to know more about my decease) where we share our experiences in focus groups, participate in committees to design, review cancer care services, and create educational materials for patients and their families.

On those meetings I witness brilliant minds working tirelessly and passionately doing clinical trials, immunotherapy research, applying machine learning and artificial intelligence tools and algorithms to better evaluate risk of cancer recurrence and deliver specialized and individualized treatments for better outcomes. This is just the tip of the mountain of research that is going on today. Also, I learned that the Province of BC is a recognized world leader in the field of Gynaecological Cancer Research (my type of cancer). During my journey, I felt that the doctors, researchers, clinicians, and everyone at the BC Cancer Centre had by back.

I learned that cancer makes an enormous impact on the lives of the people that surrounds us. I saw the sorrow, worry, and despair in the faces of my family and friends, as they try to hide it, cheering me up and helping me on this journey. I am grateful and thankful for their love and support. I was not alone!

I am fundraising because this is personal! I want to support the people that are in the trenches trying to stop this decease. I want to support new research that will direct impact the outcomes for people. I want to stop cancer in its tracks! Research can provide more accurate tools for prevention, early detection, effective treatments, and a full life ahead outcome. Cancer must have a happy ending!

I ride for my sister-in-law Lourdes that pass away from breast cancer two years ago, I ride for Joann, the mother of one of my best friends receiving cancer treatment, I ride for a future where cancer is a curable decease. I ride for me, full of hope, thankful for every single day God gifted me with.

Here is where I ask for your support. Please help me reach my fundraising goal to terminate cancer! Cancer must be stopped!

Thank you!

Ariadne Holness de Hiller


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