Team ShalooRu is back for another year of long distance, pain-inducing, exhausting, exhilarating and (hopefully) cancer fighting donation riding!

This year, Amit and Zo are doing it again AND this year our buddy Kurt is joining us!

We are all riding in honour of Zoe's dear friend, Rufus, and Amit's sister and Zo's friend, Shaloo, who lost their fierce battle with cancer far too early in life.Kurt also has a number of family members impacted by cancer so was an easy addition to our team.

As team ShalooRu, we are committed to raising further funds to help tackle this horrible disease.

Last year Amit and Zo rode 160kms and, between them, raised over $13,000 with many people's help. This year the event takes place over two days - we will ride 160km on the first day, and 100km on the second day! (insert another eye roll from Rufus!).Kurt is new to the team so it will be his job to push us up the biggest hills. We are all very excited about this upcoming ride, a little nervous about the signficant increase in kilometers and hopeful that we can raise as much or more than last year.

The money we raise for the BC Cancer Foundation will support leading clinicians, scientists, and researchers whose search for new discoveries and improved patient outcomes will have a real impact in our communities throughout the province, across Canada, and around the world.

We CANNOT do this without your support. While you may not be able to join us on the ride - paritcularly the gruelling creeky-kneed inducing climbs - you can help in another VERY big way. Please consider donating to our fundraising page.We need your help to raise thousands of dollars to support cancer research.Your support will super-power us in a way Gatorade and power gummies never will be able to do. On the big day please help us ensure team ShalooRu can make a big difference


Offline team donation page for printing: Click here to download