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Tour de Cure - 2023

Held by Alex Briault
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  1. Alex Blodgett


Please support me in the Tour de Cure!

In August 2023 I will be taking on the challenge of the Tour de Cure again!

I participated in the 2022 Tour de Cure for the first time 16 weeks after being hit by a car while cycling. The 100 miles I cycled in the 2022 tour were the hardest miles I've ever cycled and it was one of, if not, the hardest thing I've ever done. My challenge lasted a day which is nothing in comparison to what those in BC with cancer and their families must battle and endure each and every day. The strength, perseverence, and hope embodied by those individuals is beyond words.

The fundraising done by the Tour de Cure helps to bring hope: hope for new treatments, hope for better outcomes, and hope for a future without cancer. Your donation to my ride helps to fuel this hope.

The 2023 ride will be long and challenging, but it does not compare to the challenge of facing cancer.

Funds raised through the Tour de Cure will support life-saving research and enhancements to care at BC Cancer, bringing hope to cancer patients in British Columbia and making an impact around the world.

Please consider supporting me by making a gift today. Your donation will help me achieve my fundraising goal AND motivate me in this challenge!

Thank you so much for your support!

Ready. Set. Go!


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