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Conquistadors of Cancer

Team Captain: Surj Sandher
Team Captain: Colleen Franks
$28510 Raised


Driven by a desire to take on an incredible cycling challenge and do something to make a difference, the origin of the Conquistadors of Cancer dates back to 2011 when riders', Colleen Franks and Paul Dhillon challenged each other to do the ride.

From 2011 through to 2021,the team has multiplied from 2 to nearly 45 riders.

Our team consists of novice riders to seasoned skilled riders. Each year we train as a team and support one another as we prepare for the ride.

We've worked hard to put on many fundraising events through the years, from personal bottle drives, spinathons and galas with up to 300+ people in attendance. Over the course of years, we have raised a grand team total of $445,428

Our goal this year is to surpass the $500,000 mark. That's HALF A MILLION in 10 years!

We are deeply humbled by the family, friends and business sponsors who commit each year to support and help us reachour lofty goals.

There are many emotions felt personally and as a team with each year's fundraising and ride. We become very connected as a group. We each experience laughter, pain, tears and respect; for teammates who ride as cancer survivors, to the ones who ride for a mother, a sister or for the hope that their children will live cancer free lives. The physical struggle to ride the distance is very real. We lean on each other and we push each other to keep going to get to the finish line.

Monies raised by the ride are the number one financial support to the BC Cancer Foundation. Over the past ten years, BC Cancer achievements have made a significant impact. British Columbians have some of the best outcomes in the country, if not the world, because of these breakthroughs.

Innovation, precision treatment discoveries, early detection through enhanced screening and advancements to care have already changed the outcome for many people impacted by cancer. Funds go towards projects affecting 50 different types of cancer, through such things as genome trials, advanced medications, state of the art equipment for detection and reducing wait times. BC Cancer continues to innovate and conduct world-leading research and enhancements to patient care.

We ride for those we have lost and for better outcomes for all those who face cancer in their lifetime. Thank you sincerely for your support for a cause we are all touched by.


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