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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

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Many of our familes and friends have been and will be impacted by cancer: lives have been lost, hearts are being broken, and realities will be reshaped.

There are many incredibly skilled healthworkers, some of whom I am fortunate to count as friends, involved in treating those diagnosed with cancer and in supporting the immediate communities of those patients.

On November 29th, I am going to put my COVID pony tail to good use and get it chopped.

It has now reached a length that can be used by Wigs for Kids to make wigs for children suffering from hairloss as a result of cancer treatment. Yes, even grey hair can be put to good use!

In addition to donating the hair, and perhaps more importantly, I would like to try to raise $500.

This will go into starting my fundraising efforts to take part (body willing!) in next year's Tour De Cure, which in turn will in support the amazing work of the BC Cancer Foundation.

Diolch yn fawr! Thank you!


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