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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Daniel Bragagnini
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  1. Monique Beaudry
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  4. Ian Reid
  5. Daniel Bragagnini
  6. Mr. Jack Wiltshire
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  8. Dorte Koster
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Dear friends,

This August I will be embarking on a cycling challenge. Please consider supporting me in the Tour de Cure and this deserving cause :)

We've all been touched by this illness. Personally, I've lost people very close to myself and my family. This year, I am riding for my aunt, who we lost to pancreatic cancer earlier this year. Together, we can work towards putting an end to this unfair illness. There is power in numbers, in a community coming together and I feel confident, now more than ever, that our collective efforts will make an impact in this battle. We are in it together.

There's no doubt the ride will be difficult, but with each pedal and each kilometre I will be thinking of thoughtful donors, as well as those friends, family and members of our community affected by this disease. My ride is people-powered and I can't think of a better way to find my inspiration.

Funds raised through the Tour de Cure will support life-saving research and enhancements to care at BC Cancer, bringing hope to cancer patients in British Columbia and making an impact around the world.

Thank you for supporting my journey. Thank you for supporting the BC Cancer Foundation. Thank you for recognizing that the fight against cancer continues. And thank you for your donation--your gift will help save lives.


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