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Life has its challenges

Held by Pauline Joly de Lotbiniere
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Please support me in bringing hope to all those touched by cancer.

In June of 2021, within the space of four weeks, I went from being able to swim a full hour in the pool to being out of breath after one length. Never did the thought cross my mind that this could be cancer, but that was the conclusion in the cytology report done on the plural effusion in my lungs: stage 4 high grade serous ovarian cancer.

I was getting sicker by the day. The BC Cancer Agency gave me a new lease on life with chemotherapy, and a total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (try saying that last bit quickly!...). Eventually I was able to resume hiking amidst the fall colours near Whistler, BC, and over the Christmas holidays ski with family and friends.

Being diagnosed with cancer and then going through initial treatment was awful. But the supportive care programs offered by the BC Cancer Agency have been a lifeline to sanity. Participants with whom I share the experience of being diagnosed with cancer, as well as the professionals who run these programs, have proven to me how much potential there is in humankind to care about others and to grow as individuals.

Months later, I have hair. And the maintenance chemotherapy I take once a day allows me to work part time, to swim, and of course, to enjoy being out on my bike.

This August I will be embarking on a cycling challenge. I have committed to participate in the 100km version of the Tour de Cure to help BC Cancer Foundation break down cancer.

Funds raised through the Tour de Cure will support life-saving research and enhancements to care at BC Cancer, bringing hope to cancer patients in British Columbia and making an impact around the world.

The survival rates for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are better than in the past, but only 15% of women with high grade serous ovarian cancer (the most common subtype) are alive at the five year mark. The disease is rare, and has not caught the attention of the public. Too few women are in positions of power where they have access to funds that can be directed towards research on this disease. Recently the OVCARE team at the BC Cancer Agency proved that removing the fallopian tubes reduced the incidence of high grade serous carcinomas. Acting on this information has saved lives. This is why fundraising is so important.

Please consider supporting me by making a gift today. Your donation will help me achieve my fundraising goal AND motivate me in this challenge!

Thank you so much for your support!



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