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Cancer Derailleurs

Team Captain: Jonathan Loree
$14520 Raised


For the third year, the Cancer Derailleurs will be riding to raise funds to support improving the outcomes of patients diagnosed with cancer.

In our first year, funds raised supported research evaluating how to best use liquid biopsies in GI cancers. These "biopsies" allow oncologists to personalize treatment for patients. Information from these biopsies can help predict which patients will have their cancer come back after a curative surgery, or in patients with metastatic cancer, might identify weaknesses in the cancer that can be targeted by oncologists.

In the second year, funds raised support planetary health research, led by Dr. Andrea MacNeill. Our health is hugely impacted by the environment and we need to learn how healthcare can be more sustainable to ensure that we take care of our planet.

In our third year, funds will be used to support resident and trainee projects through the the Gastrointestinal Cancer Outcomes Unit and to support rectal cancer research focussed on organ preservation and reducing the toxicities of current therapies led by Dr. Carl Brown.

If you're interested in riding with us or supported the cause - feel free to reach out!


Offline team donation page for printing: Click here to download