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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Dean Rolufs
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Wheelin' Warriors of the North
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This year I dedicate my ride to a special friend who I have come to know and care about. She is a mother of four. Her oldest son is a young adult, her youngest is in his late teens, She is also a grandmother. She is currently a survivor of cervical cancer. Her circumstances are similar to many. The difference is she lives in a foreign country, where most people do not have medical insurance, or the medical insurance process is slow and does not cover many costs. Treatments, testing, medication and monitoring must be paid for out of pocket privately to receive attention quickly . If you dont have the financial means you simply pray for the best, and maintain a positive attitude, because you are left to die. Years without testing, and treatment, she is surviving her battle with cancer. But she requires constant testing, treatments and a vitamin and supplement routine recommended by her doctors, paid out of pocket. She has fought hard for her children, so they have a mother, because it is easy to be forgotten by the system in her country. With medical insurance, it can take up to two years for testing and treatment. Often appointments are missed and rescheduled by doctors, leaving the patient without many options, other than to wait further.

It made me realize how blessed we are to live where we live. What support and resources we have in our community, province and country from our doctors, technicians, nurses, community support groups and facilities.

It made me realize how much more important our efforts are to raise money for cancer research with the BC Cancer Foundation. I have spent the past 6 years as a member of the Wheelin Warriors of the North. We are a family with a common goal, to eliminate cancer. It not only benefits us, our family and our community, the research is shared worldwide, for the benefit of all who are fighting cancer. The purpose we have as a team impacts humanity.

The struggle, pain, frustration and suffering that my friend suffered through, I cannot begin to imagine. The courage and will to live for her children, kept her going. Cancer does not see borders. It is sad many countries do not have the infrastructure to support those diagnosed. Many are left to die.

I am a proud member of the Wheelin Warriors of the North. I know every dollar I raise has an impact for all those suffering from Cancer, because the research taking place at BC Cancer is shared in a common goal to eliminate cancer.

So Please join us in our fight against cancer. I will always be a Wheelin Warriors of the north, because I believe our efforts individually and as a team, does make a difference . When I look at my teammates and supporters, i am very proud to be part of this amazing family. We work hard, we sweat, we struggle and we laugh together. Each year brings new members to our team, our family grows larger and the impact we have collectively becomes greater. Please support my ride in any way you can.


Dean Rolufs


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