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In loving memory of Avtar Piaro Kaur Dulai

Held by Shiv Kang
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Avtar Piaro Kaur Dulai
July 11, 1944 - December 17, 2022

Avtar Piaro Kaur Dulai was the most phenomenal, selfless, extraordinary woman. She was the light of everyones lives and the core to her family. She was the most incredible matriarch and true leader of her family. She was the best mom, wife, grandma, great-grandma, sister, daughter, aunt, friend to everyone who had the privilege of having her in her life. She was here for 78 years and every single one of those years she left a huge mark on every individual in her life. She made everyone feel so incredibly special. The love that she shared with everyone in her life was truly unconditional. She always put everyone first and made sure everyone else was taken care of. She was the most generous, most kind, most loving, warm-hearted individual. Her smile and laugh was infectious and she radiated such amazing energy.

Although she was taken from her loved ones too soon and lost her battle to cancer, she left her mark on everyone in such a special way. Every single thing that she taught everyone will be carried on. Family was the most important thing to her. She would always tell everyone the importance of just spending time with one another and how everyone should be present and cherish time together. That is all she ever wanted. To always be near and spend time with family. That is what meant the most to her. She had a way to make every moment so special, to make every person feel so special and cared for. She was the epitome of selfless love. All of the things she did for her children, grandchildren and everyone in her life cannot be counted or expressed in words. She devoted her entire life to her family.

She was the heart of her family. She would want everyone to keep smiling. To keep her memory alive with love and strength. She showed everyone how strong she truly was. She spent her entire life devoted to helping others and being there for everyone else. This past year, everyone in her life came together and did absolutely everything they could to be there for her. The love that her entire family showed to her and the amount that everyone did for her, that type of love is endless and infinite. That type of love only truly existed because of her and because of the impact that she had on everyones lives. She is the one who taught everyone that. She was everyones bright, shining light.

This past year really took a toll on her and was the most difficult. She kept fighting and pushing through. Her health declined so rapidly yet she still put on a brave face and was always so positive. She would light up when loved ones would be around her and come see her. Anytime anyone would leave after seeing her, she would tell everyone that she loved them. She loved everyone in her life so deeply. She was always making sure everyone else was okay and taken care of even though she was the one who was suffering. Seeing her suffer and endure an unbearable amount of pain was extremely tough. She showed everyone a whole new meaning of resiliency and strength. She fought like an absolute warrior until her last breathe. She was and always will be the strongest woman we know. Her family would not be who they are today without her. Her courage to keep fighting was truly remarkable. Her legacy will live on always and forever through her loved ones.

Thank you so much for your support!


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