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Jax Trax

Team Captain: Erin Dykstra
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Here we go! Another year, another ride, another reason. This year we have a team called Jax Trax. The name is one of many kicknames of my childhood best friend, Jacqui. She was one of the most unique and fun people I have ever known. She passed away in March after a difficult year living with Pancreatic cancer. Her journey was marked with terrible pain and other discomforts. And yet, we would talk on the phone once or twice a month sharing equally in each other's joys and challenges. She never held back on telling me the details of her healthcare endeavours (which this nurse LOVED to hear about!!) Jacqui is the inspiration behind every quirky saying I have in my repertoire! As kids, we knew each other very well and shared good and bad times; stories and jokes, that wereonlyfunny to us! I have been so blessed by the rekindling of our friendship over the past 5 years.

As always, I'm also riding in honour of both my parents. My Dad, who passed away from lung cancer and my Mom, who had breast cancer and is now three years cancer free.

I am also celebrating the fact that because of cancer research my Aunt, who is the reason I am a nurse, is still able to enjoy a purpose filled life and continue to be an inspiration to me.

Please consider supporting this fundraiser by joining my team, or donating or sending me a quick note of encouragement. It is all appreciated.


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