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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

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Another year, another Ride. Back in Aug I cycled 100kms in the Tour de Cure. An event for BC Cancer to raise funds for a Cure for Cancer. 1100 cyclists mounted their bikes & pedaled around Chilliwack to raise funds & more importantly, raise awareness. As a lot of you already know I have been doing this event for 14 years. For 14 years I have been training for this event & fundraising to help scientists find the Cure. Some of you have been with me those 14 years & I applaud your support. I am ever so grateful. Because of your support I have been able to raise almost $40,000 for that Cure. Thank-you for that support...

So now I am in preparation for 2023. I am cycling, training. & have my site upfor that all important 1st donation. I am also going to be asking for help with the cycling end of things. Yes, I am recruiting cyclists to travel this journey with me. If 1100 cyclist can raise $6.3 million just imagine what 2200 can do, that & more. So, make a commitment, join me in my quest for the Cure. Mount your bike & let's pedal together for the Cure. "But I can't cycle that far." "How do you know you can't?" 1st of all you have many months to prepare. As well, you have me to support you. And, you have a Team (Riders for Ryders) supporting you. It just takes a decision, a commitment to try. That's all I ask...

Then, for those of you who don't cycle I have a challenge for you. Your support has been much appreciated but I believe each of you could do more. Please consider following my lead. I have set up a Ride acct @ my bank. The 1st of each month $100 is transfered from chequing into my Ride acct. Then every 3 or 4 months I make a donation to the Ride. It has allowed me to greatly increase my donating ability. This year alone I was able to donate $1700. If you were to do the same with only $50 your annual donation would be $600. Deposit $100 each month & now you donate $1200. It is as easy as making a decision & acting on that decision.

Whatever you decide, cycling or donating, I am grateful for your support...

Together we can accomplish much...



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