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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Elizabeth Beaudry
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Please support me in the Tour de Cure!

Cancer has touched my life directly through my husband's brain cancer. We were compassionately supported with treatment and counselling at BC Cancer: Cancer Center of the North. I have also have several friends that have had cancer treatment in the North. Our lives and the lives of my friend and their families are better due to the Cancer Center of the North. Fundraising from the Tour de Cure supports the Cancer Center of the North and advances cancer research! Please consider supporting the fight against cancer by making a donation. Your donation will help me achieve my fundraising goal and be spent in Northern BC !

The Tour de Cure is a cycling challenge in August. I have committed to fundraise for Cancer research and participate in the Tour de Cure presented by Wheaton Precious Metals.

Thank you so much for your support!


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