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  1. Mr. Thomas Miller


Hello everyone and thank-you to you all for taking the time to support my page.

I just want to tell you a little bit about why I am taking part in this ride and why I find the cause so meaningful.

In April of 2015, Amanda and I had our first child and we were overjoyed. Our beautiful daughter Blake Aina Liese Miller joined our family and she changed our lives forever from that moment on.

The first few months went exactly as you'd expect. They were days filled with your typical laughs, tears, and exhaustion, but we were really settling in as a new family of 3.

In November of that year everything changed. Blake had a cold like many young kids do but it just wasn't going away. After repeated trips to the clinic, a doctor sent us for bloodwork and we were then ushered to Children's Hospital for some further investigation. It was then realized that our baby girl had a disease called Acute Myloid Leukemia (AML).

Over the next few months Blake went through a series of procedures, rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, as well as bone marrow transplant. Ultimately after 15 months on this earth and 9 hard-fought months with the disease, Blake entered heaven in August of 2016.

Over this time, my mother, Britta Miller was also fighting a battle with breast cancer that had started many years previously.

After a double mastectomy in 2010, the cancer unfortunately came back in 2015 right around the time that Blake was born. My mom fought the disease valiantly for 2 years before succumbing to the disease in August of 2017.

These 2 amazing people are why I ride. Our family went through a couple of years of absolute hell with only the disease to blame.

Although cancer ultimately ended their lives here on earth, it didn't take certain things from them. It didn't take their minds, it didn't take their hearts, it didn't take their souls, and it didn't take our lifelong feelings and memories that we captured during their time here.

This disease is one that devastates lives and families and we all need to do our part to try to make lives lost to cancer a thing of the past. I am by no means an "avid rider" but I want to do my part to raise awareness and to raise funds to eradicate this disease.

If anyone would like to read more about Blake's story and the journey we all went through together, you can go to the following page where we kept a journey of her battle:

Thank-you to all of you for taking the time to read this and for donating to my page. God bless.


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