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It's not too late For someone

Held by Tammy Grant
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It was not the way I wanted it to happen; I wanted a cure before it was too late. I wanted him to see how hard I was working, not only to raise money, but to prepare for the ride. I wanted him to live longer than they said he could. But none of that happened. Not for my Dad. Last April, we lost him just 9 months after his diagnosis.

I am riding this year because somewhere out there is Someone who is going to receive the same terrible news as my Dad: "You have cancer." But instead of hearing "With treatment you are looking at about 14 months," Someone will hear "Don't worry, we can fix you up, no problem!"

Every donation, no matter how small, gets Someone closer to hearing comforting words about a cure, feeling the promise of a fulfilling future, and seeing the relief in their loved ones eyes.

Although my ride is dedicated to my Dad, my thoughts are also with all of those who are fighting and those who have yet to learn of their fight. Because for Someone, it's not too late.


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