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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Shannon Johnson
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  1. Neda Zilva Jalali Clotte
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Hi team!

This will be my 6th ride. Many of you have supported my commitment to raise funds for the BC Cancer Foundation over the years, and I am asking you again!

This year, I am riding for my friend Neda. I know Neda through our association at the PG Family YMCA. She has volunteered for around 10 years as a Fitness Instructor and Ambassador for the membership. I knew of her challenges over the years, and I wanted to support her in some small way. She identifies the BC Cancer Centre here in town and all the professionals that work there as a support and benefit to her health and experience.

I have committed to raising $2500 to ride in this year's Tour de Cure from Cloverdale to Hope, August 26th and 27th. I will be riding over 200 km over 2 days which will require hours of training. For every kilometer I ride, I will be riding for the strength and courage Neda requires each day, especially as she recovers from this most recent surgery in May. I ride and fund raise because Neda needs the support of the Cancer Centre here in Prince George. I want to continue to contribute funding to groundbreaking research that is making a difference. I ride because I love Neda and I want to support her. This is her story:

My story started in 2016, beginning with severe abdominal pain that initially went undiagnosed. I was eventually referred to a gynecologist and was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I had genetic testing, and I was told my cancer genes were from my father's side.

After the diagnosis, things happened fast. My emotions had to keep up with the reality of cancer. The first chemo caused anaphylactic reaction that almost killed me. The angel nurses saved me! I did not want to fight cancer. How could I fight my own body? I just wanted to heal and free myself from cancer.

A huge change had taken place in my life. I was no longer my super active energetic healthy self. I had to rely on others. Many friends left and many new ones appeared. The change was drastic, quick, and painful. Someone said that change is not painful, resisting change is! My reality no longer matched the reality of the people around me. I was looking at death in the eye while people were planning their vacations!

Fast forward, after Chemo and hysterectomy and double mastectomy, cancer had returned in 2020. More chemo, depression, counselling, and tumors in 2023! I am scheduled to have surgery in a month!

I still love life and want to enjoy every moment; I am realistic but fierce and will hold on to life for as long as I can! The Cancer Center in PG has been my refuge and my support. They kept me alive and well. The YMCA has also been my lifeline; It keeps me active and hopeful!

Please donate to my upcoming ride this summer! Together we can make a difference to so many peoples lives in the North.

Please support me in the Tour de Cure!


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