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CANCER sucks! Let's crush it together

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Tour de Cure year two! Let's do this

We have had a horrible year with COVID-19! You know what else is more horrible than COVID-19? CANCER!! YUP FLIPPING CANCER!!

With support from people like you, inshallah(god willing) we will find a cure for Cancer in our lifetime then it may not be as horrible! So, please put on your big boy/girl panties and come ride with me(obeying Dr Henry's mandate) keeping our social distance and wearing masks when we stop for breaks.

Team Taz(formally we're team Dennis) is no more, we will be joining team Crush it, and I hope Dana will accept all our team members. These rides now this year are a lot easier as they have a 50km option! They also have 100km and 160km aka Imperial Century tide - walk in the park right?

Lastly, if you can't ride, fear not, you can support anyone of our team mates or me for this awesome cause! You can donate any amount of money, no amount is small, even 5 bucks - what is 5 bucks? You can't even get a starbucks for that chump change!

Thank you for your ongoing support over the past years, and sorry if I have already asked you, and asking you again, but cancer doesn't discriminate, it affects every person! Lets crush Cancer where it matters in the kahunas.

Happy Riding!


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