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Blood, Sweat and Cures

Team Captain: David Scott
Team Captain: Christian Steidl
Team Captain: Alex Blodgett
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As many of you know, the 2022 Tour de Cure was a remarkable event for BLOOD, SWEAT & CURES. We built on the legacy of a small group of dreamers committed to better outcomes for lymphoma patients by becoming the #1 fundraiser at $675,000. 2023 will be even more epic and exciting!

In a strong belief that we cant ask for your money unless we are prepared to sacrifice a bit ourselves, BLOOD, SWEAT & CURES will participate in the Tour de Cure on August 26 and 27th. This will entail riding 200 to 260 kilometers between Cloverdale and Hope. For those familiar with last years effort, we will have a surprise for those riders who opt for an even higher pain threshold!

All of us on the team have varying degrees of cycling experience, but none of us are exceptional we are regular riders however, embarking on an exceptional adventure for an exceptional cause. We will demonstrate to you the donors, our commitment to improving outcomes and the quality of life for those families facing a cancer diagnosis.

We have a clear goal to raise an additional $800,000 this year for the Centre for Lymphoid Cancer (CLC), and we will further commit to leveraging that through grants, etc. by as much as ten times. $8,000,000 will be focused on i) developing accurate diagnostic tools and new treatments; ii) tapping into state-of-the-art genomics, models and testing to characterize the biology of lymphoma; iii) implement biomarker tests to better guide treatment decisions; and iv) develop a world-class training program to attract and ensure the next generation of leaders. We can provide a specific use of proceeds for anyone interested.

Our team will consist of not only people involved in lymphoma research and care and those who have been affected by this cancer, but also numerous riders who have been instrumental in raising millions of dollars for BC Cancer Foundation to fund among other initiatives, the development of i) liquid (blood-based) biopsies, ii) new immunotherapy protocols as an alternative to chemo for children and iii) the use of radioactive medicine as a fourth tool in the toolbox along with immunotherapy, chemo and radiation we are very appreciative to have them on board.

We are also very pleased that Anthem Properties and Harbour Air will join us once again in our quest to make a difference. Anthem, Harbour Air and their respective employees have been immeasurably helpful in lending their time, creative energy, marketing expertise, customer and vendor reach, and financial support over a number of our fundraising initiatives.

I can speak from the perspective of a patient and genuinely state that we have one of the best lymphoma centres in the world here in BC. When I was diagnosed a number of years ago (Stage IV), I received confirmation from one of the worlds top lymphoma researchers that BC Cancer sets the gold standard for both research and treatment. Please join me, our riders, the interdisciplinary team of world-leading lymphoma experts and their co-leaders (and riders) Christian and David for an epic battle to beat this insidious disease!

Alex Blodgett
Board of Director, BC Cancer Foundation

Dr. Christian Steidl
Research Director, CLC

Dr. David Scott
Clinical Director, CLC


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