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Held by Joel Fransen
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Needless to say, the last year has been a year none of us will look back on with undiluted pleasure. Unfortunately, this pandemic will not end soon or smoothly.

On the bright side, the 2021 Tour de Cure British Columbia ride is going ahead and I am partaking in it. This will be my 10th year riding towards a cure for cancer. The pandemic forced the B.C. Cancer Agency to adapt to fewer donations and sponsorship funds. Hence, the new name and look for the ride. The ride will be COVID safe. A few changes to the ride this year:

  • No mass gathering of riders. Each rider or team is asked to ride on the 28th and 29th of August themselves. Some of our team is planning to ride from Burnaby to Harrison Hot Springs. Have no fear I will ride over 100km on the 28th and again on the 29th be it on the road or in my garage via Zwift.
  • This opens the door for people to ride with us virtually. So you do not need to be in the lower mainland or even Canada to partake in this great event. Our team is keen to welcome superheroes from all over the world.
  • There is no fee if you sign-up for the ride before the 30th of April and by doing so you will be entered into the draw to win a road bike valued at about $2k.
  • There is no minimum distance you need to ride and you can ride virtually or on the road at any time. You need not ride on the 28th or 29th of August.

Our team is in the midst of getting organised for the 2021 ride. We are hoping to welcome new riders to our team. The dollars we raise are directed to the Dr. Michele Williams Oral Cancer Research and Education Fund at the British Columbia Cancer Agency. These rides are a power shot in the arm, see what I did there, to the B.C. Cancer Agency and make it possible to get us closer to a cure sooner rather than later. When we work together we can achieve great things. Look how many great vaccines were developed to combat the coronavirus in less than a year. Imagine how much progress we can make against cancer if we do not lose faith in the ride.

Every kilometre ridden

Every dollar given

Brings cancer closer to being forbidden

There has been no suspension of the nefariousness of cancer during this annus horibilis. It has struck our family, a few close friends, a couple of patients and colleagues too. My 2021 Cancer Warrior List consists of the names of people close to me or those that donate to my ride that has been affronted by cancer. Too many have lost that battle and for those that survived it exacted an unconscionable toll. I carry this list with me on every ride, do a press-up for each person after the ride, and dedicate a long training ride to each of these heroes.

Margaret Fransen

A colleague and friend of Dr. Philip Barer

Clifford So

Norman Kreutz

Ann van Regan

Rob Morton

Rudy Schouten

Sandra Stevenson-Moore

Dr. David Kennedy

Carol Bunker

Derek Hynes

Debbie Fulton

Jeanette SUPERNURSE Weber

Shelley Goldberg

Andrea James

Peggy Kielpinski

Marion Walline

Margaret Littleales

Susan Bradley

Linda Cumming

Joel Chambers

Cindy Ng

Dr. Lalaine Yu Lao


Dr. Tom Shackleton

Matthew Wong

Cathy Cheng

Santa Vilardi

With your help, I hope to be able to raise over $36,000 this year. We are close. Every loonie and toonie adds up. Some people who donate to my ride prefer to remain anonymous and I thank all of them for their support. Whilst others are comfortable with my thanking them via social media. Every donation makes a difference and spurns me on to do more. Please do not hesitate to advise me of your preferences.

Youll Never Walk Alone,



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