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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by John Belshaw
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  1. John D Belshaw


Here we are again. Another year, another person we care about with rogue cells.

The Tour de Cure isn't competitive, there isn't a peloton, no breakaways. But it is a race. The goal is to raise enough money to find treatments that will ameliorate or cure the cancer in that person you care about. When we say "we are out to beat cancer," we mean that we want to beat it to the finish line. This is a race.

Let's win it together.

We rode the virtual-ish 100km last year and raised a lot of money. The KPU Eagles is a commited group fo cyclists and anti-cancer activists. Also a very nice group with which to spend an afternoon pedalling around the Lower Mainland. In 2022 we're out to meet and beat our 2021 successes.

If you gave last year, thanks so much and please consider doing so again. If you didn't give last year, here's your chance to make up for that egregious oversight. (I know, I know. You were out of town, the dog ate your cheque-book, the sun was in your eyes....)

On August 27th, La Purvey and I will ride out with the KPU Eagles in the battle against cancer. I hope you'll help us make a difference.



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