Hi Everyone!

Welcome to team Gear up for Gilly! We're a group of pals who share a love for a) cycling, and b) that tall handsome man named Guillaume (aka Gilly, aka G). Thanks for stopping by. Join our team/ donate to the cause [scroll down, click on a team member and donate right to their page]/ or cheer us on from afar. All types of support are welcome - we love ya!

Here's what's been going on for Guillaume over the last two years or so:

In February 2021 Guillaume underwent an emergency craniotomy to remove a baseball sized tumour in his brain (grade II atypical meningioma). He had some pretty rough symptoms leading up to that day (the tumour had been previously missed on a scan). Thankfully the surgery went well, and we were told that although the tumour would likely regrow within 5-10 years no further treatment was required. He recovered quickly and got on with living. We had the best summer. Guillaume continued working on his MBA and took on a new position as Superintendent of Utilities for the city of Port Moody.

By late fall however, he knew that something was off. The end of 2021 confirmed the tumour had grown back. Guillaume underwent 30 days of radiation at the start of 2022 only to have the tumour double in size during that time. In March 2022, a little over a year since his first brain surgery, Guillaume underwent a second surgery. Shortly thereafter G took a permanent leave from work. All other appropriate treatment options were explored and exhausted (e.g., through the POG program at BC Cancer and applying for funding for treatments still in trial). His oncologist gave him 6 months - 2 years as a prognosis. So, in an effort to *live, love, laugh*, we got married, travelled a lot, and spent time with family and friends.

To our extreme delight G's tumour is taking a bit of a nap.. This means more time with our guy than we expected. And so, through many ups and downs, we're excited that G will be able to train with our team this summer and hopefully be leading the way as we cross the finish line in Hope after 200km of peddling!

Thanks to everyone for your love and support. I can't imagine going through this without you all by our sides. And special thanks for G, for picking me, and being the REAL team MVP. We love you so much.

- Margaret

P.S. Big thanks to co-captain and all around joyous human (and mega athlete) Patrick Hunter for helping to lead the charge and keep the people HYPED.

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