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riding in my 9th consecutive tour de cure!!

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I humbly request your support for my 9th consecutive participation in the Tour de Cure (formerly the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer)!

In August, I will embark on a challenging cycling journey spanning over 250 kilometers across two days as part of the Tour de Cure, sponsored by Wheaton Precious Metals. The primary objective of this event is to assist the BC Cancer Foundation in their tireless fight against cancer.

While the physical demands of this challenge may be arduous and enduring, they pale in comparison to the immense difficulties faced by those who battle cancer.

My involvement in the Tour de Cure began in 2015 when I rode in solidarity with my stepmom, Jane Anderson, who valiantly fought against a particularly aggressive form of cancer. Tragically, Jane passed away later that year.

My dedication to the Tour de Cure further intensified when I received the devastating news that my dear friend Josh Formosa passed away quite suddenly at the age of 35 after a brief (and brave) battle with an aggressive form of bowel cancer.

Lastly, I ride in loving memory of Emma, the cherished 5-year-old daughter of my friends Adam and Sarah, who tragically lost her life to cancer five years ago. Emma serves as the everlasting inspiration for our team, known as the "Unicorn Racers." Each passing year, cancer inflicts more devastation and sorrow upon those whom I deeply care about, and I'm certain that you, too, have been touched by cancer in some way. I persevere in my cycling and fundraising efforts to honour the memory of Emma, Jane, and Josh.

The funds raised through this endeavor will contribute to life-saving research and advancements in cancer care facilitated by the BC Cancer Foundation, providing hope to cancer patients in British Columbia and making a profound impact on a global scale.

I kindly ask you to consider supporting me by making a donation today. Your generous contribution will not only aid me in achieving my fundraising goal but also serve as a driving force that motivates me to conquer this challenge!

With deep gratitude, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable support!




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