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Please support me in the Tour de Cure!

Hi Everyone,

I'm excited to say that once again, I will be participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer - which was recently re-branded as the "Tour de Cure." The cause is the same. The donations still go to the BC Cancer Foundation. And your donations are just as important as ever. In fact, this year, probably more important than ever.

The pandemic and lockdowns have not only had a dramatic impact on the economy and our social lives, but it has made fundraising for charities especially difficult. The Ride is a huge source of donations and its cancellation last year was especially devastating, so your continued support this year is all the more valuable.

On top of that, earlier this June, my Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer after a routine medical checkup. A stool sample leads to a colonoscopy, to a biopsy, to having part of your large intestine removed. All in roughly 2 months. Thankfully he's fine, it was caught early, and no further action is needed. But it raises another of the pandemic's impacts on cancer diagnoses and why regular screening and checkups are so important.

Since early 2020 there has been a significant drop in cancer diagnoses. Which, unfortunately, isn't good news. The pandemic has kept people at home and away from doctor's offices, leading to fewer reported cases, and the patients diagnosed are later staged and more severe. If the previous story doesn't convince you of the importance, I don't know what will. Diagnosis to a full (minus some colon) recovery in about 2 months?

So on Saturday, August 28th (tomorrow if you're reading this on Friday), I'll be joining the Horny Goats once more for a 100km ride around Vancouver and Richmond and would appreciate any donation towards my goal immensely. Thank you, and thanks for listening to my PSA about seeing your doctor (speaking of PSA, if you're male and over 50, you should get yours checked).



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