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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Chrissie Thernes
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In memory of Brenda, Christine, Margaret, Gordon, Katy, Norm, and of course, Aunty Kathy

2021 has brought even more changes.

Firstly, the ride has now become the Tour de Cure. This change means that it is now organized by the BC Cancer foundation, and as always, your donated funds go towards the amazing research done by this foundation.

The 2021 Tour de Cure still looks different than previous year in order to abide by the provinces Covid Restrictions.

What isn't different about this year is that many friends and family know cancer as their current reality even amidst a global pandemic.

What isn't different is that every year the list of family and friends that I am riding for gets longer.

What isn't different is my choice to make a difference for a cause that is close to my heart. My mom and I proudly wear our golden helmets and Kathys Riders jerseys as we ride.

The official ride day is August 28th, and my mom and I are committing to ride 100km on this day! While we will not have an opening or closing ceremonies with thousands of other riders, we will all be out on our bikes on this day! My fundraising goal to support this one day event is $1000.

While the last 15 months have brought a lot of challenges and changes, I hope that your support for this cause will be a constant. Every year I am overwhelmed by your generosity and support.

Whatever youre able to give, THANK YOU. Every dollar you donate means a dollar more to the world leading scientists and doctors at the BC Cancer Foundation who continue their efforts to conquer cancer.

With heartfelt gratitude,


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