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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Kendall Clancy
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I'll ride again, for my 5th year to support a cause that means so much to me! This year I'll embark on a 1 day 100km ride along with FairmontFightsCancer team!

Please donate to our ride :)


Saturday, August 29th marks 40 days since I lost my beloved Dad. It is also the day I would have begun my 5th year participating in the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer. Cancer is a terrible, heart wrenching, painful and unfair disease which will impact one in every two Canadians. Cancer wont stop and neither will I. I strive to make a difference so fewer people experience the pain and grief I have felt recently.

Beginning this Saturday, August 29th in conjunction with @thebcride I will begin a two week trip from Toronto to Vancouver and will cycle every day, in every province, and plan to ride over 700kms beginning with the @thebcride Virtual Ride on Saturday.

I recognize that 2020 has been a challenging year, affecting people in many different ways. I do hope that you are able to support this worthy cause in whatever way you can - calls, donations; big or small, prizes for @fairmontfightscancer team events, virtual rides alongside me or in person if Im coming through your city, shares, likes, love and kindness. You will all give me strength in many forms.

Follow along:

Facebook: Kendall Clancy & FairmontFightsCancer

IG: @kendallclancy & @fairmontfightscancer

Strava: Kendall Clancy & FairmontFightsCancer








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