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Alan takes on Tour de Cure

Held by Alan Bates
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Please support me in the Tour de Cure!

This August I will be embarking on a cycling challenge. I have committed to participate in the Tour de Cure presented by Wheaton Precious Metals to help BC Cancer Foundation break down cancer.

It will be hard and it will be long, but it does not compare to the challenge of facing cancer.

I'm the Acting Medical Director for Supportive Cancer Care (Pain & Symptom Management/Palliative Care, Psychiatry, Patient & Family Counseling, Nutrition, Speech & Language Pathology, Spiritual Care, Art Therapy) at BC Cancer. Funds raised by our team will go towards improving Supportive Cancer Care at BC Cancer.

Please consider supporting me by making a gift today. Your donation will help me achieve my fundraising goal AND motivate me in this challenge!

Thank you so much for your support!


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