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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

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Well, here we are into May 2022. There is only some 118 days left 'til Tour de Cure day so coming up soon. I am happy to report am back in the saddle again after my surgery. Had my 1st cycle training day yesterday morning. Hard to believe some 6 weeks ago was my last day to ride. But, all is well & looking forward to lengthening my training days each week.

I am also looking forward to seeing more names in my donor list. If we are to be succcessful in defeating Cancer we must be vigilant in fundraising. Already many cancers are being successfully treated & cured. Patients go on to cancer free lives. Yet many still suffer so more needs to be done.

Click on the link below & do your part. Help me raise $$$ so cancer can be beat. Thank-you for that support...



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