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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

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Just 3 days ago I mounted my bike for Tour de Cure 2021. It
was a Covid restricted event so just included my Team, Riders
for Ryders. 40 members gathered in N Delta, cycled to Langley
& back to raise money to fund cancer research & patient care.
For me it was the 13th time I cycled for the cure. Today I
registered for Tour de Cure 2022.
Enough about me, what about you? Do you want to play a part in
this event? It is as simple as signing up & raising some money by
jumping on a bike. If that is not for you then you could join my
team of donors & support me in my endeavor. That is also a simple
thing to do. Just click on the link below, follow the prompts &
become a supporter. Whatever your decision I thank-you for
taking the time to read my email. Take care & I look forward to
seeing your name on my cycling team or my donor team. Thanks...



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