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I'm taking on the 2022 Tour de Cure

Held by Ruben de Guzman, Jr
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  1. For My Mom Always
  2. For Krystyna Dabrowski
  3. For Lisa Archibald
  4. For Kalman Varga
  5. For Bill Larson
  6. For Elisabeth Popoff
  7. Dave A Faber
  8. Hayden & Alyson Killam
  9. Anonymous
  10. for my PAPA
  11. Mr. Ruben N De Guzman Jr Jr.
  12. Gerrita Mostert
  13. Shinda Aheer
  14. Jackie & Bob Larson
  15. Lougheed and Willindon Self Serve Ltd.


Please support me in the Tour de Cure!

October 10, 2010.. "You got cancer..". Those were the words that changed my whole family's life when my mom was diagnosed with Burkitts's Lymphoma. EVERYTHING came to a stop. Oncologist mumbled onwards about what was going to happen but everything after those three words was a blur..Oh and we were also told that this (2011) will be her last Christmas...

Well my mom proved them wrong. She fought for the next three years, finally succumbing to the disease. And in 2011, I joined to what was called back then "The Ride to Conquer Cancer" and this year it is under a new name.. "Tour the Cure" and as I did back in 2011, I have now taken over my mom's fight in Conquering Cancer!! This will be my 12th year in participating in the ride. 2020 was postponed because of the pandemic, 2021 I chose to ride individually and in 2022 there will be another attempt on putting a ride with some tweaking around the pandemic.

August 27, 2022 weekend, I will be embarking on a cycling challenge. I have committed to participate in the "Tour de Cure" presented by Wheaton Precious Metals to help BC Cancer Foundation break down cancer.

It will be hard and it will be long, but it does not compare to the challenge of facing cancer.

Funds raised through the Tour de Cure will support life-saving research and enhancements to care at BC Cancer, bringing hope to cancer patients in British Columbia and making an impact around the world. Not only will I be riding on behalf of my mom, but I will also be riding on behalf of other families who lost their loved ones to this horrible disease, cancer..

Please consider supporting me by making a gift today. Your donation will help me achieve my fundraising goal AND motivate me in this challenge!

Thank you so much for your support!

Ruben de Guzman, Jr

In honour of:

  • Socorro de Guzman
  • Elisabeth Popoff
  • Krystyna Dabrowski
  • Kalman Varga
  • Bill Larson
  • Lisa Archibald (GO KICK SOME CANCER ASS!!)


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