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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Damon Williams
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The coming of Spring means warmer weather (its 27C in Toronto as I write this), budding flowers and Damon asking you for money.

This will be my 15th year riding for cancer research, and many of you have been supporting these rides the whole time (for which I am deeply humbled and incredibly grateful). Its hard to believe that we have been doing this together for so long, when we obviously remain so youthful-looking! (Please dont send me photos of myself from 15 years ago to prove me wrong.) The good your donations have done to help cancer patients and their families over that time is amazing earlier diagnoses, better treatments, improved outcomes, less pain and suffering. But there remains much more to do before we beat this disease. Sadly, despite these improvements, none of us likely has to think too hard to recall a friend or loved one who has recently been afflicted with cancer, or is perhaps fighting it now.

So we will keep doing what we can riding to raise awareness and donating to fund more research to keep pushing this disease back.

The Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre takes place soon: on June 10th and 11th. The BC Tour de Cure in support of the BC Cancer Foundation is at the end of the summer: August 26th and 27th (although the TdC will happily accept your donations now). Ill be doing both rides again this year, and I hope youll continue to donate in support, as you have done so generously for so long. As always, Stevi and I will match the first $10,000 of your donations.

Any donation in any amount to either ride both helps and matters. Thank you for your ongoing support in our continuing fight to beat cancer together. You guys are incredible.



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