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This past winter in Ontario has seemed to go on forever; it has only finally started to feel spring-like over the past few days. But the late arrival of spring has made me realize that I am also late in sending out my fundraising email for the 2022 Ride to Conquer Cancer (Ontario, in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation) and Tour de Cure (BC, in support of the BC Cancer Foundation). The former is only 6 weeks away, on June 11/12. (We have more time for the BC ride, which is not until August 27th.)

This will be the 14th year I am asking you for support for these rides. The good your donations have done over that time period is inspiring: developments on immunotherapy (which for many patients offers a more effective, less toxic treatment for their cancers), new drug treatments that have tripled survival rates for some types of blood cancer, targeted treatments that have improved survival rates for lung cancer, to name just a few.

But there is much more to do. Far too many of us can still name a friend or family member who is fighting this disease right now. And although their chances of beating cancer are much higher than they were just a few short years ago, the battle remains frightening, painful and traumatic, both for them and their loved ones. So I am riding again this year to continue our progress. I hope youll continue to donate in support as you have done so generously for so long now. As in past years, Stevi and I will again match the first $10,000 of your donations.

Any amount helps and in the fight against cancer, it all matters. Thank you for once again joining me to make progress against this infuriating disease. I cant thank you enough.



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