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I'm taking on the Tour de Cure

Held by Dan Robinson
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  1. Mr. Dan Robinson


Please support me and BC Cancer Foundation in the Tour de Cure by donating or joining us in the 2023 ride.

This August I will be riding in the Tour de Cure to help BC Cancer Foundation continue to fund life-saving cancer research and enhancements to care, bringing hope to cancer patients in British Columbia and making an impact around the world.

This is personal for us. The pictures above are from 2010 first year on the Ride to Conquer Cancer (wow are we young in that photo!), and from last year on a training ride for the 2022 Tour de Cure. We continue to ride along with our Team Way Hey Hey! family and will ride again in the 2023 Tour de Cure.

Selina continues to ride. And thrive. Despite a diagnosis 16 years ago that suggested she would not. Thanks to research that generated an effective chemotherapy that targeted her cancer, and 15 years of daily dose, she is now off of chemotherapy and still riding. This is why we ride. To support life-saving research that is funded through the BC Cancer Foundation.

Please consider supporting BC Cancer Foundation with a donation to Team Way Hey Hey! or join us on the ride this August.

Thank you so much for your support now in the Tour de Cure, and in past Rides to Conquer Cancer. It is making a difference.


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