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2 day event! Lets crush CANCER with Team Crush It!

Held by Imtiaz Visram
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Team Crush It!
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  1. Mr. Taz Visram
  2. Yasmin Visram
  3. Matt


CANCER sucks! YUP FLIPPING CANCER. Let's Crush It with Team Crush IT

With support from people like you, inshallah(god willing) we will find a cure for Cancer in our lifetime! So, please put on your big boy/girl panties and come ride with me

I will be posting rides on whatsapp group, if you're interested, let me know and I will add you to the group(group rules applies). Now, let me remind you, this year we're back to two days of riding aka 200kms! Ya baby!

You can join our Team and ride with us. Details of routes will be published at a later date. I think it will be similar to pre-covid. Start Cloverdale, then that nasty uphill on 176th to zero Ave, overnight in the 'Wack then off to Hope

You can donate any amount of money, no amount is small, even 5 bucks - what is 5 bucks? You can't even get a starbucks for that chump change!

Thank you for your ongoing support over the past years, and sorry if I have already asked you, and asking you again, but cancer doesn't discriminate, it affects every person! Lets kick Cancer where it matters in the kahunas.

Happy Riding!


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